Who we are
STEVEN YOUNG WORLDWIDE is a multi-disciplined, independent, technical and marketing consulting firm with specialized focus on dairy & food ingredients and retail, specialty retail (gourmet, natural, organic), & food service products.

Clientele include small-to-large businesses, as well as, multi-national organizations foreign and domestic.

Principals at
STEVEN YOUNG WORLDWIDE have over 100 years of combined food industry experience:

Dr. Steven YoungDr. L. Steven Young, Ph.D., principal
Special expertise includes product and process development; identification and assessment of existing and emerging new ingredient, product and process technologies; and development of total quality management programs.

Dr. Young is a frequent contributor to technology short courses at UC- Davis, Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo, University of Maryland, and the Arbuckle / Redfern Ice Cream & Yogurt series.
He has been a lecturer at Cornell, Ohio State University, Texas A&M, University of Maryland, North Carolina State and others.

Dr. Young is co-developer and co-presenter of "Tharp & Young - On Ice Cream," a series of short courses for technical and non-technical ice cream industry personnel.
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T. Lynn HarperT. Lynn Harper, senior director
Senior director of marketing and sales project management at Steven Young Worldwide, with business and marketing management qualifications, extensive industry experience, and a proven track record of positioning products to increase marketshare and profitability.
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In addition,
STEVEN YOUNG WORLDWIDE provides and has access to a broad and diverse network of supporting technical and non-technical professionals to offer the most complete senior level support for food product development and commericalization in the industry. This network represents over 500 years of combined industrial and academic experience.

STEVEN YOUNG WORLDWIDE services the food processing industry in a variety of ways. Typical assignments include:

Innovative ingredient technologies and applications

Ingredient development, technical service and sales

Dairy foods including fluid, dry, frozen cultured, fermented

Bakery including sweet goods, chemically leavened, yeast raised products

Processed meats including ground meats, emulsion products, coarse ground items, and whole muscle foods

Cereal Foods

Snack Foods

Specialty Foods

Natural Foods

General Processed Foods (soups, dressings, sauces, frozen foods, etc.)

Nutrient managed foods


New and novel technologies & approaches

General management including R&D, marketing, and sales

General personnel training both technical and non-technical

Regulatory issue resolution

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